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-- 12 weeks on cannabis -- Acute and Persistent Pain I developed neurological facial pain in September 2016. 2 neurologists had however, my situation was recognized by a third. My pain moves around my head and is bilateral. No medicine the neurologist has prescribed has given me side effects and has aided. I opted to try marijuana. I didn't hope to receive any relief, but I was amazed that a dosage took away the pain for two to eight hours or longer. I am able to make plans work appreciate life all because of marijuana. My life was saved by it.

Anastasia Kim

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Patricia Kimbo

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Steven Gildas

Arrived on time and I knew it was likely to be happy days, when I opened the box.


Never had an issue. Speedy delivery. Reasonable deals. Quality Item


The prices are killer. The quality (I tried the Larry OG) is exceptional. Well trimmed, cured, flushed, grown with love etc. it wrapped in a combined very well, and burnt very even. The smoke has this nice, flavour and has been smooth I search for. Quite great.