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Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG, the sativa facet of the strain permits for a nice head high too, but it isn’t overly vague or unfocused. Skywalker Kush Was Made by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion Seeds to combine the sweet fruity odor of Blueberry with all the growing strengths of the hardy, high-yielding Mazar.

Also known as Skywalker OG Kush, this breed boasts a highly effective THC count, together with peak measurements in the 26% range. Even the reduced side, that hovers around 20%, isn’t for novices, as it offers an extreme high that comes on fast. Spicy herbal and diesel notes best describe Skywalker OG, as it is a musty breed that tastes almost just as it smells. Nugs are around along with a deep olive green, yet are offset by wiry pistils and dense white trichomes.

If you’re hoping for an intergalactic adventure, Skywalker OG will be your co-pilot. An instantaneous high that is super heavy, you are going to feel nicely stoned after a two or two. Experience your body completely fusing with the couch and leaving you relaxed and happy. A happy high is coupled with extreme munchies, so keep the snacks right next to you to prevent having to proceed. Your head will be in the clouds, yet your own body will probably be tingly and sometimes numb.

Because of its strong physical , Skywalker OG is ideal for people who suffer with chronic pain. Whether it’s because of an injury or disease, your body will savor temporary relief for this strain. Since you’re have difficulty analysing considerably, it’s fantastic for those who suffer from extreme stress, nervousness, and depression. Think about this strain as a holiday from your worries as well as the real key to getting a good night’s sleep.


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