Bruce Banner



THC: 28-30%

Flavours:  Earthy, Sweet, Pungent

Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Creative

Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Pain, Headaches, Fatigue



Bruce Banner

The Bruce Banner strain does get its name in the alter-ego of the exceptionally popular comic book superhero Hulk, but not because it’ll have you flying into a rage and receiving super-human strength. It is based on the immensely powerful body high that you will experience as recorded THC levels within this strain could touch around 30 percent, and that is enough to knock you off your feet.

Make no mistake, this strain isn’t for novices as it’s tremendously powerful, but on the other hand, it’s extremely relaxing because of its own Sativa dominant genetics. This breed is a combination of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, giving it a heady high because of the Sativa, but you also get the pain relief and relaxing properties.


Dark Horse Genetics took the job of breeding an uber potent strain and hauled it out of the park. The end result is a yummy flower with a sweet, strawberry and diesel profile. It’s a perfect blend of pure cannabis flavour with a hint of candy. As for the odor, it does not stray too far in the flavour with its notes of strawberry and petrol.

Fantastic for casual and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

Bruce Banner Outcomes + Gains

Everybody loves a great tasting strain, and Bruce is not shy in this aspect. Nevertheless, it did not get its name by being a pushover. Bruce Banner is the initial strain to ever record a mark of 30% THC at the Cannabis Cup! Hence why even the Hulk reverts into his passive self after smoking a joint.

Bruce Banner is a stimulating and pain-relieving stud. The consequences start with happening in the brain, beginning with an onset wave of euphoria. As the euphoria grows, stress disintegrates, followed by a wholesome dose of self-confidence and happiness. Users frequently note their creative juices begin to take shape in many forms. It might be with introspective ideas about life, a natural urge to create art, or even thinking outside the proverbial box.

As with strains this powerful, the high is not only in mind, but the body too. Bruce Banner doesn’t create a couch-lock effect, but numbs the nerves, relieving users from discomfort and pain. And even though there is a tingling sensation, the result itself is marginally lively. Therefore its best maintained as a strain used during the day.

Not all heroes wear capes. And last time we checked, neither will Bruce Banner.

Get yours delivered today and start feeling like a superhero.

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