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It is crucial that you read and digest these two paragraphs before I begin my article. I’m not a Doctor, I’m NOT qualified to provide ANY medical advice. The under is a story about my journey into Medicinal Cannabis and what challenges I faced, the application procedures, how it’s worked for me, etc.. This Moderate article is purely about me sharing my own personal experiences, opinions, and outlook as a Medicinal CannabisPatient.

For any specifics about YOUR condition or Medical advice please consult with your physician or in an Emergency at Australia telephone 000. If you are feeling Suicidal then please reach out for help to LIFELINE or phone them at 131114 (Australia Only)


In February 2016, the Australian Parliament passed laws to permit the cultivation of cannabis for clinical and scientific usage by means of a licensing strategy to be set under the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967.

And since the States have adopted a package, every State and Territory has its own quirks and variants of pathways and acceptance procedures.

As an instance, each State and Territory Health Department also needs you to get their own approval in addition to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) that is Federal.

My desktop for an individual — This is my private venture to Medicinal Cannabis but in telling this tale I’m preserving the anonymity I want, I’ll inform you I am living on the Southern East Coast of Australia and also have acceptance to get a THC/CBD mix. I wasn’t a normal consumer of Cannabis Before getting Medicinal Cannabis when I was younger, but just like most people, I’d experimented with it.

Since there is much info to record 21, I won’t enter every State or Territories endorsement approach and there’s loads of info online.

Moreover, you should note that in this piece I am speaking about Medicinal Cannabis as a THC/CBD mix, CBD alone is another subject.

But return to approvals, under you can see the number of attributes from the TGA for a SAS B program is growing every month. (Including THC/CBD and CBD independently )

It would be interesting to determine if, in the long run, the TGA could print where nearly all approvals are from a State/Territory info-graphic to observe.

Medicinal Cannabis is a growing industry. (Pun intended)


If you’re a user or somebody who’d ordinarily utilize Marijuana and are seeking out the way so it’s possible to use it with impunity, allow me to tell you you are wasting your own time.

There are and you have to present and there should be, based on the place you live an Experts approval stating he or she thinks you may be helped by it. (Again each State/Territory differs and this is really where it’s hard for not only patients but nurses too.)

So return into the road versus Medicinal Cannabis, the road cannabis of now has varying amounts of THC content, a few as large as 90 percent that’s untrue and might have an adverse effect on you, there’s also the probability of pesticides having been utilized on what you’re inhaling or smoking.

Medicinal Cannabis on the other hand can be controlled, and it is a fantastic thing and is grown and manufactured to specific requirements. As somebody who’s prescribed Medicinal Cannabis, I will tell you that being undergone, the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis is it feels as medication and has therapeutic properties.

I will not delve into how it’s helped me that would subsequently result in being able to spot my condition and that I really don’t need that, this is much more so my perspective on the entire process as opposed to a post that’s specific to the way Medicinal Cannabis works for me. However, allow me to leave it , it’s helped me a great deal.

That is where you will find a few myths about confusion and Medicinal Cannabis and doubt. Allow me to tell you today, anyone is qualified to use for this, given your physician and or Professional also endorse this kind of application and think it might be of advantage to your wellbeing. That is the application has to come in a Medical Professional.

There’s no illness, yes there are a few states that are predetermined but that listing isn’t exhaustive.

The authorities might need your Doctor that is employed to show how medicine hasn’t been able to assist you, and this is case by case by State particular, not a principle so much as I’m aware.

Many sites of Cannabis suppliers in Australia you might have seen will probably have a”default option” checklist to speed your private criteria for implementing, and while to some extent, nearly all conditions recorded are the states in which there’s a good deal of at least some clinical signs for this condition that doesn’t dissuade you from using for Medicinal Cannabis to your particular condition(s).

That is where men and women go and watch the lists and become frustrated, oh I’m not qualified and I can’t apply. The simple fact isn’t any Medical Doctor and the TGA and State/Territory Governments review every program and evaluated on its own virtues.

It might be the situation in which the TGA or your State/Territory Health Department needs you to supply additional evidence on this therapy could be acceptable for you, and if this is the case, it’s then a matter of locating the material to supply them if there’s one.

Then it’s very likely that they might deny your application, When there’s absolutely no proof or clinical trials, but you don’t know until you attempt, do you?


There are choices that I shall describe in this report, although I will say that then you’re not likely to get a lot of chance in case your GP doesn’t support your urge.

But let us examine things from the perspective that is Physicians.

Yes they make a fantastic living and they have studied hard to be where they are now, but the number of varying ailments they need to deal with, the varying patients out of those people who have psychological conditions to people who possess the frequent cold, or even a sick kid or a terminal illness, they’re always there for you with compassion and guidance.

I really don’t believe we as a Country give our GP. For me, I’m blessed that my Doctor is an affectionate and amazing person, and it has taken my wellbeing into some 5/6 out of around a two on a scale of 1 to 10. I must point out it isn’t entirely due to this Medicinal Cannabis he’s managed to boost my overall health and that I cannot be grateful enough.

There are a lot of reasons That said. I will list some of them.

No experience or training with Medicinal Cannabis.
The total quantity of time it requires for your GP to investigate and follow the application procedure. (Remember they likely have 3 to 5 individuals awaiting them while speaking to you)
The possibility of any legal consequences and deficiency of indemnity by their own insurance companies.
The complications from the application procedure and variance of procedures in various States and Territories.
There are more but I believe with what I’ve listed above, you have the image.

A study conducted with Doctors about Medicinal Cannabis


And I personally understand the reason why this is, it’s since it WORKS!

There’s now an industry and this business is going to get bigger and bigger. It’s estimated, based on where you read it the business in Australia may be worth across the three to five Billion Dollars indicate annually.

From that, you could rest assured, although Australia can never attain the relaxed amounts that some areas like California have my personal opinion is that in just two to three decades, the approval procedure will probably be complex, along with GP’s will probably look at it closely after a time has passed.

And Australian established info is provided by results/feedback enable educated decisions to be made by GP’s. Additionally these bodies such as the RACGP will have the ability to help and direct GPs further into this discipline.

Even though there are numerous popping up around Australia and in various States or Territories, there are too many to list but I’ll list one my physician referenced for a whole lot of advice, although I’m not a patient of theirs should you go to Cannabis Physicians Australia they have an abundance of information on their site and even when you aren’t within their Condition they still might have the ability to steer you in the ideal direction.

Like I mentioned previously, it’s discovering the clinical signs that support your program that requires the maximum quantity of time. My Doctor has been able to use that and the CDA Clinics research Database in turn so this is a fantastic place to get started if your Doctor is supportive of employing it.


Bear in mind that since this is new, the State/Territory Legislation hasn’t yet caught up together with all the Federal Legislation and there are lots of Acts and Regulations that require amending to bring them into line repealing and.

A complete illustration of this is a journey.

It might be the case that in the event that you choose your officially prescribed medication from state Victoria into New South Wales while on holiday or visiting a relative, you might in fact be committing an offense and may be arrested for criminal possession of a Scheduled 8 Medication.

Lots of you are probably thinking, however, hang on, should I’ve TGA approval, does not Federal Law violate or overrule any Territory or State Law?

The answer is no it does not but it ought to, on with your driver’s permit, just like it’s possible to push your car or truck Interstate your medication should be applied for by the exact same. (Driving is likely a poor analogy with this lol)

Where Territory and State Legislation should fall this highlights. But before that occurs, I’d caution anyone against attempting to test out this, I’m NOT a lawyer and this isn’t legal advice, however, the frequent sense approach for me is, why take the risk?

One more thing about Medicinal Cannabis and the legislation is currently operating or driving a car as I alluded to before.

Recall as it stands that the Authorities don’t check for”Impairment”, they just check for”usage” so that you might not have had some of your medication for 3 times and would like to drive into the move and do a little shopping, but it’s probable you have THC in your system and so will be committing an offense.

It requires time to become diluted whereas Alcohol could also be diluted with water, and THC attaches itself into the body’s fats and can be passed through pee and your perspiration quicker.

I intend to write another post on this issue in the future.

Another factor to keep in mind with respect to breaking the law, even if you’re prescribed Medicinal Cannabis then go to use it at the existence of other people and you vape it, then you might probably be charged with providing a dangerous drug if another individual breathed in the smoke you blew from your mouth.

Or is bound to happen some fool will probably opt to showcase their Medicinal Cannabis acceptance and vape it people simply prove some point or to show off. They bring in my view, if anybody were to do so, then they deserve the results of any Authorities attention.

By doing 16, is hurting the medical profession and themselves.

You are and the Police would not likely merely charge you but also have your acceptance.

The TGA has very strict guidelines in their acceptance records as do Territories and the States, and they are able to withdraw the approval of anyone.

Drug Driving is a Crime!


I hope that I’ve managed to communicate some advice that’s helped you.

The main reason is as I mentioned earlier as time moves the pathways to get Medicinal Cannabis as a remedy are clearer as well as the laws are in-line across Australia and there are so many factors.

Last note on Medicinal Cannabis, it has truly helped me a great deal, and I can’t recommend it , but this is my own personal case and everybody has different conditions, diseases, outside variables, and many other things that have to be considered.

Whether there are any side impacts or experiences, I forgot to include, you’re most likely wondering?

THC or so yes Cannabis will make you hungry and I found myself. By analyzing what it is that triggers this, this negative effect was removed by me. And also to keep it brief, it’s its own interaction with receptors in the brain and that the THC. That Dopamine makes people starve, that is great if you would like to lose weight, but not so great if you do not wish to lose weight.

I look like this, once I have my meals intended for your day/evening, I understand what I wish to consume and how much it and that I understand when I’m complete, therefore any”Hunger Signs ” I purchase out of my mind outside of these selected food parameters I simply ignore them.

Only look at it since your mind sending you false signs, which is essentially what it actually is and after a couple of days your mind will still attempt to send you the signs but it’s no big deal as you are aware they are untrue and I am yet to awaken hungry or hungry, I enjoy my meals, I simply don’t have extra food since I’m conscious that my medication attempts to fool my mind into needing more food.

For one the reader of this, please do remember that for you Cannabis might not be useful or even justified as a remedy, you want to talk to your physician about possible side impacts, contraindications, along with your general wellness, and allow the health care Experts determine what’s ideal for you.

But if you believe you might be helped by that it talks to a Doctor about it. And when your Doctor isn’t prepared or ready to enable you to employ, if your condition warrants the treatment and become offended and take it just keep trying or do not eliminate confidence, you’ll get there at the end.

Fantastic luck and thank you for taking the time I want you all the best.

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